Porsche Panamera makes dazzled eyes

May 2, 2010

Who does not recognize a Porsche luxury sedan and certainly a lot who want to have this vehicle. And home modifications Mansory change Porsche Panamera with new, more cheerful color with a light yellow color.

Porsche Luxury SedanAs reported by topspeed on Wednesday (26/01/2011), in addition to exterior colors are very slang, Porsche greatness does not stop here.

Blue carbon fiber also mounted on the machine that makes the color yellow Panamera is to be alive.

Characteristic color of the sun does not stop just at the body, bright yellow color also embedded into the interior of the car that add to love listening to this sport.

While the exterior and interior have fulfilled lust Mansory, stay on the machine. To balance the interior and exterior is not complete if the machine does not come apart.

This yellow Porsche Panamera, steal a larger turbo engine and exhaust system based stainless steel.

The result of this car can go with a maximum speed of 326 km per hour and accelerates from 0-100 km per hour in 4 seconds. Maximum torque and power increased to 800 Nm and 690 hp.

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