Mitsubishi Ensure Sell Cheap Cars in Indonesia

May 5, 2010

Mitsubishi Ensure Sell Cheap Cars in IndonesiaJapanese carmaker, Mitsubishi will bring the car to make sure they are cheap to Indonesia. The car is called as Global Small Car Mitsubishi will certainly come in and fill the line up of Mitsubishi cars in Indonesia.

Thus disclosed by the Marketing Director of PT Krama Yudha Three Diamonds, Rizwan Alamsjah in Media Gathering Mitsubishi, Thursday (27/01/2011).

“Not only Pajero Sport, this year there will be another passenger car. We had a car called the Global Small Car,” he said when asked what car will be included to accompany Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in the Indonesian market.

The car which is a global product of Mitsubishi is expected to be born in the land of white elephants, Thailand in 2012 to then be sent to various countries around the world.

Target also has been mentioned Mitsubishi sales for the car that will only be worth Rp 100 million are at about 400000-500000 units per year.

For engines, small cars cheap nan will be powered by 3 cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,000 cc.

“We’re studying all of them, just wait,” he concluded.

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