iPhone 5 and IPAD 2 Threats For Credit Card

March 26, 2010

iPhone 5 and IPAD 2 Threats For Credit CardiPhone 5 and IPAD 2 has the ability to actually change the way of payment. That is, the position of credit cards is now threatened.

Based on a Bloomberg report, Apple incorporate communications technology into a device that allows financial transactions between multiple parties. Technology like this will be very detrimental to your credit card because it allows instant payment directly from the device.

This report led some people predict the end use of credit cards has begun to appear. Credit cards still remain the most popular means of payment other than payment in cash transactions. Another competitor Apple also participated in short-range communications technology considering it.

iPhone 5 and IPAD 2 Threats For Credit Card Last year, Google introduced a new technology Android. However, Nokia has tried to have this technology on their devices for a very long time. Nokia has tried to adapt the system in their products for a decade.

The only challenge is to get as many traders are interested in the payment mode.

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