Indonesia Exports Lost Remote China Compared

March 24, 2010

Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Rusman Heriawan said Indonesia’s exports are still far behind when compared to China.

Indonesia Exports Lost Remote China ComparedChina’s exports became a major contributor to the country’s foreign exchange reserves. Rusman reveals cooperation in terms of international export data between Indonesia Eximbank with the BPS has been established since 2004. “This institution (Eximbank) is actually noble institution that could give more opportunities for exporters to run its business more welcome, more is all that stuff,” said Rusman in his speech at the signing ceremony of Understanding with Indonesia Eximbank and Connecticut on the Provision of Data and Statistical Information International Trade in Eximbank’s office on Friday (27 / 1).

He continued, international trade is an important part of any life long ago. “As an emerging market country, Indonesia should continue to encourage exports and we hope also a balancing of economic growth. Because of all this is driven by consumption. We also need to export and give high contribution to economic growth in foreign investment and consumption,” he said.

When compared with China, he added, Indonesia’s exports are still far below it. Till can be a major contributor to foreign exchange reserves. “Indeed, we have nothing when compared to China. Reserve foreign exchange from exports, not the capital inflow. where exports could be U.S. $ 135 billion per month last year. Here U.S. $ 150 billion a year (for 2010),” he said.

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