Honda CB 750, Motor Racing and Touring

May 3, 2010

Motor racing is usually adopted a vertical suspension, but what if adopting a horizontal suspension. Well it has never existed. Have you ever imagine if the concept is going to happen.

Honda CB 750, Motor Racing and TouringHe is Igor Chak who tried to make the motor beyond our imagination before. The model is quite unique, Igor tries to play with a fine line on the body concept Honda CB 750.

As reported by autoevolution, Friday (28/01/2011) Honda CB 750 shape is very futuristic. Through Honda CB 750, Igor offers a very sturdy design but do not forget the sharp corner of aerodynamics.

Honda CB 750 plan will use lightweight materials such as titanium and other mixes as well as fiber and almunim on the motor construction. As for the chair, he used a steel frame that can withstand loads up to 300 lbs or 136 kg.

If Honda CB 750 can be realized, Igor plans to bury the engine capacity of 750 cc 4-cylinder 6-speed dual clutch transmission with liquid hydrogen.

Uniquely, the motor was using airbag safety features ABS, traction control and steering damper. The front there are OLED touch screen that is integrated in the petrol tank with a GPS navigation 3G network. So very likely the motor is invited to walk a long way.

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