Data December in U.S. Home Sales Rise 17.5%

March 30, 2010

House of TampanabadiU.S. Commerce Department said home sales rose for the month of December 2010 amounted to 329,000 or an increase of 17.5%.

In November new home sales only amounted to 280 000 housing units. But compared with December 2009 sales declined 7.6%, as quoted from finance.yahoo.com, Wednesday (26 / 1).

Actual data on home sales increased last week. But the experience of saturation with the number of foreclosure without stopping. Housing market provides more economic benefits as well as outside shows signs of recovering.

In the data for December is the supply of new homes on the market sufficient for 6.9 months or the lowest since April, which reached 8.4 months as in November. There are about 190,000 new housing units available for sale in December. This data isis the lowest in 43 years .

At the analysts expect sales to increase to 300,000 units annual data. Before the crisis, able to achieve sales of 600,000 units per year.

However, for annual sales in 2010 reached 321,000 units, down 14.4% from 375,000 units in 2009. This is the fifth consecutive decline since the housing market booming.

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