Competitor Sun Constellation

March 23, 2010

Competitor Sun Constellation If you notice the picture above, though not clear, there are blue dots that indicate Zeta Ophiuchi. Hot stars that weighs 20 times the Sun.

Passing clouds of interstellar dust and gas giant, this object can be seen in light that appears like a red star is relatively dim. Moreover, Zeta was also surrounded by fainter stars without dust.

However, the picture was taken by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) belonging to NASA, which raises an entirely different picture.

At the edge of the object and background, a lot of dust clouds relative calm so as to create a thin green color. This reminds us of the light at the North Pole.

Near Zeta Ophiuchi, a red cloud appears different because the red color and tend to light. Ultraviolet radiation, amounting to very much the star emitted by the clouds that shine more brightly.

Additional, features curved bright yellow appear above Zeta Ophiuchi looks like a bow shock. Also visible are also several gases that make the compression wave appears to be moving like water.

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