Books and Internet So Where Studied

March 27, 2010

Books and Internet So Where Studied
“I learned from books and internet,” he said innocently when met at his home. Dwi Sentosa also show that the book collection is stored under the table located in the living room. “It’s his book. I’ve got 20 books,” he said, shows and one module of five books which he compiled himself from printing articles about programming and computers on the Internet.

Dwi Sentosa Actually it is not willing to formally learn about programming. The problem besides cost, the absence of the courses that provide programming material of the virus.

“Once he had asked for the course. But I’m confused, what course this would. No one can. Besides he also still high school. So yes he was already taught himself from books and internet. Nothing is guided,” said parent Dwi Sentosa named Herman Suherman

Ability Dwi Sentosa is quite extraordinary. Because of the extended family who have no programming skills such as himself. “My extended family average high school graduate. Nobody has the ability programing like him,” he said.

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